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With Great Loss Comes Great Pain:

  • Colonization
  • Residential Schools
  • Intergenerational Loss and Trauma
  • Loss of Family, Parents, Siblings, Children and Friends

Unresolved Grief: The Negative Emotional Impact created by Relationship loss and conflicts within our living  relationships limit our ability to pursue and fulfill our goals. Take some time for “SELF CARE” and learn the specifics skills necessary to deal with relationship conflicts at home and in the workplace. Help your Community deal with the losses that negatively affect us all.

Grief and the conflicting emotions caused by loss are cumulative and most often have a growing negative effect on our ability to participate in life. The primary goal of Edu-Therapy™ is to give participants a stable cognitive process to continue to help themselves and their Community with on-going support for 5 years from Edu-Therapy Support. As Physical Care Costs escalate often, Mental Health needs are neglected. Once Certified as an Edu-Therapy Specialist in as little as 6 hours per week, one specialist can bring Mental Resolution of the pain and sadness caused by loss to over 200 people per year. Trained teams can escalate these numbers adding to the resiliency of the Community as people begin to heal at less than the cost of a trip to the ER where little to no emotional care is given.

You will learn:

  • Dysfunctional ways people mishandle grief and it’s intergenerational effect on Communities
  • Emotional damage of rationalization and intellectualization
  • Why Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance Models are the wrong approach for grievers
  • Learn proper techniques for identifying and resolving loss and relationship conflicts
  • Edu-Therapy™ Process formats for individual and group work
  • How to expand your caregiving agency using the Edu-Therapy™ Process
  • How to resolve cumulative unresolved issues such as PTS and the Residential School Experience, abuse and trauma


  • Humans grieve loss or change of anything held significant
  • Grief is not reserved for death related losses; nor is it an illness or mental disorder
  • Grief is an emotional experience that doesn’t follow stages or a timeline, and does not simply go away with time
  • It’s the actions within time that reduce and eliminate pain
  • Grief happens in many forms and has great potential to create emotional energy and negatively effect life:
    • Death of a loved one
    • Ending of a relationship
    • Suicide of someone close
    • Adoption or foster care
    • Loss of culture
    • Change in career, finances or social status
    • Loss of health, trust and safety

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