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Opportunities and Postings

Green Jobs Internship Program for Youth and Employers

National Resources Canada

Support the transition to a green future! Employers across Canada can provide young interns with work experience in science, technology and related fields. Transform the future of energy, forestry, geosciences, mining and more.


• Paid green internships are available to Indigenous youth.
• No prior education or experience required.
• Full-time positions across Canada, and in northern, and remote communities


Receive up to 75% in federal wage subsidies.
• Eligible natural resources sector positions include those with a positive environmental impact.
• Funding available to non-federal organizations, including Band Councils, NGOs, and private and public sector groups.

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Hide Tanning and Parfleche Residency – Banff Centre

Banff Centre

Application Deadline: June 26, 2024

Program Date: September 30- Oct 18, 2024

This three-week visual arts residency focuses on hide scraping, bone tool making, and working with parfleche. Visual artists who work with hide and parfleche will learn more about how scrape a hide, and work with parfleche with the support of faculty, elders, and knowledge keepers.

Participants will deepen their artistry and technical application with hide scraping, bone tool making, and working with parfleche. The program will foster peer relationships with the opportunity for self-directed studio time. Participants will also be engaged with community in storytelling/knowledge sharing sessions in the hide tanning process.

This program welcomes Indigenous visual artists with traditional and/or contemporary arts practices interested in hide-tanning processes and working with parfleche. Applicants must be ages 18+ at the time of the program start date.

Toll Free: 1-800-565-9989

Phone: 1-403-762-6180

Email: IndigenousArtsAdmissions@banffcentre.ca

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Bank of Canada Scholarship Award for Post-Secondary Students

Bank of  Canada

These CAD $8,000 scholarships are awarded to assist students with disabilities, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, Francophone and those who identify as a member of a visible minority group or racialized group to help remove barriers to education and support greater diversity in our workforce.
In addition to the award, successful candidates may be offered a work opportunity at the Bank, with mentorship by a Bank employee.

To be considered for one of these scholarships, you must:

• be a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident
• be pursuing post-secondary studies (University or College) – either full-time or part-time – in a field related to the Bank’s work, including:
▪ Economics and Finance: economics, computer science, mathematics or statistics, commerce or business administration with a finance major ▪ Administration and Operations: financial services, administration and business, project management, human resources, accounting, communications and web development, internal audit, currency production, knowledge and information management, security
▪ Information Technology and Cyber Security: software development, network engineering, solution architecture, project management, business analysis, cyber security
• have an overall average grade of 70 percent or higher
• must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution for fall 2024

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Consultation to Co-Develop an Indigenous Broadcasting Policy


We would like to inform you about how the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is collaborating closely with Indigenous peoples to co-develop an Indigenous broadcasting policy.

In 2019, the CRTC issued a Notice of Proceeding, committing to collaborating with Indigenous people to co-develop the Indigenous Broadcasting Policy. The next step in the process to co-develop the policy is a public consultation. Through this consultation, views are being gathered on how to support Indigenous broadcasters and content creators, and to ensure Indigenous stories and voices are represented, easily found, and shared across all platforms.

Participate in the consultation and share your views with the CRTC. Details on how to participate will be shared with you shortly.

For more information, please contact the CRTC by telephone at 1-877-249-CRTC (2782)

Or by visiting gotoinfo.ca/crtc-indigenous

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Indigenous History & Heritage Gathering

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR) and First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres ((FNCCEC)

June 2-4, 2024 – Westin Ottawa, Ottawa ON

Led by First Nations, Inuit and Métis thought leaders, a three-day gathering to understand, promote and share Indigenous histories.

IHHG is a platform for Indigenous and non-Indigenous community leaders, scholars, researchers, educators, and advocates to come together and engage in meaningful dialogue, exchange ideas, and contribute to the
preservation, understanding, and appreciation of Indigenous history and heritage.

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Missing Children Phase 3 (MCP3)

National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation

The NCTR completed the MCP1 and MCP2 This included the development of the National Memorial List. The National Memorial Register was created to forever remember and honor the children who never returned home from residential schools.

This memorial register was the result of the dedicated work of countless people and the advice, guidance and blessings from Survivors, Elders and Knowledge Keepers. It will forever remember, honor and acknowledge those children who died while attending a residential school in Canada.

Missing Children Phase 3 (MCP3)
MCP3 is soon to begin, and we will be establishing additional staff dedicated to this project which involves Call to Action #’s 72 and 73. We will soon be reaching out to First Nation communities and organizations first formally by letter across Canada to provide awareness and analyze participation of the MCP3 project. We need your help to complete this phase. This is your opportunity to have a voice for information sharing. We want to ensure that we have community involvement to provide guidance in developing nationally cultural safe procedures when reaching out to family members in confirming what names have been found for accuracy during MCP2.

Our end goal is to add the recent names to our memorial register and gather community input into creating a national student burial register, while commemorating, memorializing and honoring students who did not return home. The steps to achieve this involve a trauma informed approach and community guidance for best practices.


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