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Opportunities and Postings

New Grad? Interested in a Co-Op?


New Grad Leadership Development Program

Interested in learning more about our student and new grad opportunities (including our Co-op & New Grad Program)?

We invite you to follow the link below and fill out the form to be contracted for an information session with the Rogers campus team!


Fall 2021 Indigenous Leadership Programs at the Banff Centre

Banff Centre

Register Now:

Introductory negotiation Skills Training – ONLINE – September 14-17, 2021

Intermediate Project Management for Indigenous Organizations  – ONLINE – September 14-October 21, 2021

COMING SOON: Introductory Wise Practices in Indigenous Leadership – ONLINE – tentative date is Nov 2-5, 2021

For details or to register: www.GoToInfo.ca/BanffCentre

Toll Free: 1-866-935-6904

Fax: 1-866-402-9692

Email: leadership@banffcentre.ca

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Decolonizing the Narrative Conversation Series – Join us Online – Presented by Banff Centre

Banff Centre

Decolonizing the Narrative Conversation Series is a monthly online conversation session that invites leading Indigenous Art creators to talk about their practices and processes.

Presentation of Work 

Date Saturday, July 24, 2021
Time 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. MDT
Location Online
Q&A Session and Conversation
Date Sunday, July 25, 2021
Time 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 pm

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Healing Your Heart – Intergenerational Trauma & Residential School – Edu-Therapy


Intergenerational Trauma & Residential School Grief Resolution – Communities prepared with the Edu-Therapy Process are stronger and more resilient

Upcoming Edu-Therapy Training Programs

July 19-22 -Virtual Certification

August 19-22 (In Person)  – Saskatoon, SK

August 23-26 – Virtual Certification

ALSO available – Virtual training and Private Certification and Treatment Programs


Toll Free: 1-866-476-0209

Fax: 1-866-430-8296

Email: Grief@GoToRegister.ca

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Be The Change !


Apply now! Applications to July-December 2021 are now open!

Make a positive impact in the communities while also developing a vast set of skills and competencies

ARE You!

-17-25 years old?

-A resident or citizen of Canada?

-Motivated to learn new skills?

-Ready to meet the challenges of group living, be a team player?

-Prepared to volunteer and participate in group activities?

-Feel able to fully commit to an immersive full-time program and be willing to work on your personal autonomy?

For more information or to apply: GotoApply.ca/Katimavik

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Edu-Therapy 4-DAY Virtual Certification Training – June 14-17, 2021


GRIEF NEGATIVELY IMPACTSAttentionMemory PlanningLanguageRelationships

Grief and AdditionBreaking Patterns of Behavior by Reducing Emotional Energy

4-Day Virtual Certification Training – June 14-17, 2021. Registration closes May 24, 2021

*Participants must be able to commit to 4 full consecutive days of online training

ALSO AVAILABLE! – Virtual Training and Private Certification and Treatment Programs

If you are a NNADAP and Addiction Worker, Health & Wellness Worker, Health Director, or simply interested in the Training Program, contact us today.

Edu-Therapy™ is the most current, easy-to-use model that reduces and eliminates intense uncomfortable emotional responses to loss, trauma and abuse. Loss and the reactions to unresolved grief go hand in hand with substance abuse and addiction. The losses addicts suffer are many: deaths of friends and loved ones, divorce and break ups, loss of friendships, loss of financial and social status, loss of dignity, just to name a few. Healthy recovery means facing up to the “wreckage”, and coming to terms with the mass of disturbing and conflicting emotions.

Healthy recovery requires learning essential skills for regulating emotions. How often have you seen the pain, anger and confusion of overwhelming feelings drive an addict to relapse? Long term sobriety requires addicts to learn to identify and express their emotions, communicate their thoughts, and create appropriate boundaries.

Edu-Therapy™is a powerful adjunct treatment. Our process is an easy to learn, easy to apply CBT based model that reduces emotional intensity and resolves the conflicting emotions caused by unresolved grief.

Reducing emotional intensity reduces craving intensity. The emotional tribulations of early recovery trigger the need for quick relief. The Edu-Therapy™ process excels in helping addicts recognize, tolerate and discharge their emotional discomfort.

Toll Free: 1.866.476.0209
Fax: 1.866.430.8296
Email: Grief@GoToRegister.ca

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National Indigenous Virtual Tech Conference – June 2-3, 2021

Clear Sky

Join your peers for the best Indigenous tech event of the year! All interested are welcome to attend!


$200.00 – Regular Fee

$50.00 – Student /Youth/Elders

LEARN how technology can be used to facilitate skill development.

DISCOVER how technology can create opportunities for entrepreneurs.

UNDERSTAND how technology can improve community health.

ENHANCE community capacity using technology to create jobs.



For details, contact Jennifer Wood, Event Coordinator:

Tel: 431-997-2324 or Email: Events@clearskyconnections.ca

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